Boiler fans

How to tell if your boiler fan is broken

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One of the costlier breakages that can happen with a boiler is the fan breaking. It can also be quite dangerous.

The fan is essential for ensuring that the pilot light can ignite and without this, you may end up with no hot water or heating. Consider calling someone out to fix your broken fan if:

  • The heating and hot water is not coming on
  • The pilot light is not igniting
  • The boiler ‘sounds’ like it is coming on but nothing happens.

The fan is essential to ensuring that waste gasses produced by the combustion process are safely blown away. It moves these waste gasses through a pipe, known as a flue which releases the gasses safely into the air outside, a bit like an exhaust pipe.

It is very important to get your fan fixed as this is an important safety feature. If it is found that your fan is not working then the gas engineer should take a look at why it has broken, to ensure there are no other problems that could put you at risk.

There are other potential problems that could be causing all of the above, however, so a good gas engineer should also look to check whether there are any broken diaphragms and airlocks, failure of motorised valves, issues with the thermostat or low water levels.