Boiler Service

Boiler Service – Important to make your home winter ready

With the cold weather that recently hit the UK, you can’t deny that we’re well into winter now, but there are still a few jobs you can do around your home to make sure that you don’t have any issues this winter.

The Gazette recently offered some advice for homeowners, stressing the importance of having an annual boiler service.

In addition to ensuring that your boiler is in good working order over the winter, having it regularly serviced could also save you money on your heating bills. A good thing to do yourself is to check the boiler pressure – this should be around one bar, according to the newspaper, if it’s lower it’s time to call in an engineer.

Not sure when you last had your boiler serviced? It could be sensible to contact someone with experience of boiler installation in Manchester to come and have a look.

When you’re looking at your heating, you should make sure that you always have it switched on during the day, even if it’s just at a low temperature, to prevent pipes from freezing.

Other things to do that will keep your home warm and lower your energy usage include fitting loft insulation, installing double or even triple glazing in your windows, and sealing any cracks in your property.

Popular Science recently suggested that you should also invest in a cover for your water heater, as well as check your pipes to make sure they’re properly insulated. This is essential to prevent them freezing in really cold weather and subsequently bursting.